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Grundfos waste water macerator pump - SOLOLIFT 2 C-3

Grundfos Macerator Pumps - Sololift 2 CWC-3

Macerating waste water pump designed to be concealed


Sololift 2 CWC-3

The CWC-3 is suitable for pumping domestic waste water from a cabinet shower, bidet, washbasin and a wall-hung toilet. It is specially designed for 'behind the wall' installations.

As bathroom furniture gains in popularity so do back-to-wall (BTW) WC pans. The sleek lines that can be achieved add to the appearance of a nicely planned room. However, a problem can arise when it is necessary to fit a macerator to deal with output from the toilet. While the furniture will obscure the view of a macerator, it can also make access difficult or impossible which in turn becomes a problem should the unit ever need maintenance.

The Grundfos Sololift 2 CWC-3 offers a potential solution to this problem. By installing within the bathroom furniture to the side of the BTW WC pan (connecting to the pan with an elbow) the provision of an access panel means you can always get to the macerator without disruption to the furniture.

Grundfos Sololift 2 CWC-3

Added benefits

While the Grundfos 2 CWC-3 in capable of dealing with the waste from a BTW WC pan, it can also deal with waste water from other facilities within a bathroom, such a shower enclosure, bidet and a wash basin making it perfect if you want to add a well appointed en suite or additional bathroom in a location where waste water drainage might be a problem.

Of course, there are scenarios where furniture is not the issue. Maybe the style of sanitary ware might make it impossible to shoehorn a macerator behind the WC Pan (i.e. short projection WC pan, etc) without forcing the pan and cistern away from the wall. The Grundfos 2 CWC-3 may well be your answer. The relatively narrow profile of a 4" soil pipe with 90 degree elbow will allow you to locate the macerator alongside rather than directly behind the WC pan, whereby allowing a close-coupled pan/cistern to push back and affix to the wall.




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Sololift 2 CWC-3

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Technical information


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  • Powerful professional cutter
  • Clean and easy service
  • 'In wall' installation






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