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Grundfos Sololift + CWC-3

Macerators and waste water pumps


The Grunfos Sololift + CWC-3 belongs to the family of waste water macerators made by one of the world's best known pump manufacturers.

The slim profile is specially designed to install inside a hidden compartment facilitating the use of 'back-to-wall' and wall hung sanitaryware were pipework is concealed to create a simple tasteful style.

As with the Sololift + WC-3, the CWC-3 has the capability to accept the output from the WC pan spigot, a wash hand basin and a shower making it idea to deal with the discharge from a typical ensuite setup, but where the provision of a standard 100mm soil pipe is difficult or impossible.

The pumping capability is slightly reduced when compared to the exposed macerator models (50m horizontally, 4m vertically, or a lesser combination of both) but the advantages remain the same. The vertical capability enables you to take the waste run up and over areas where a fully horizontal run is impossible.

Please be aware

This model has been superseded by

the new Grundfos Sololift 2 CWC-3

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The Sololift + CWC-3 is a macerator which will fit neatly into a cupboard or behind an access panel in the wall

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Potential Inlets WC + 2
Power Consumption 400 W
Frequency 50 Hz
Voltage 1 x 220 - 240
Weight 5.4 kg
Max. liquid tempertaure 40

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