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Grundfos Sololift+ WC-3

Macerators and waste water pumps


Add a WC, Shower and Washbasin almost anywhere in your home

The Grundfos Sololift + WC-3 is ideal when adding shower, WC and basin to your home. An instant way to deal with the varying requirements of the different types of waste water. But what's more, the Sololift + WC-3 pumps it's outflow through small bore pipework making the job of routing the waste away to a soil pipe a relatively easy task.

The Sololift + range of macerators pumps through pipework (only 40mm in diameter) up to 100m horizontally or 5m vertically (or a lesser combination of both). This means you begin with an advantage that a traditional soil pipe simply can't offer - the ability to raise the waste water.

The ability to pump water up is a huge advantage in overcoming problems with the route of your waste pipework. If for example the floor between your ensuite and your target drain is solid, or you have certain structural features that simply prohibit a horizontal drain run, it can be useful to run your waste up and into the loft or roof void - taking the run overhead.

Please be aware

This model has been superseded by

the new Grundfos Sololift 2 WC-3

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Utilising a macerator with pump the Sololift + WC-3 sits unobtrusively on the floor behind the WC pan. A 240v supply (in accordance with IEE Regulations) is required to power the macerator. The pan spigot feeds directly into the unit which activates automatically as you flush the toilet, take a shower or empty the hand basin. It's that simple. There's no need to remember switching the unit on, or need to energise the unit manually as it sits in constant standby mode until required.

Upon sensing the presence of fluid the Sololift + WC-3 automatically triggers, macerating whatever is fed in, pumping this waste solution away to a convenient drain or soil stack via small bore pipe.

Small bore pipe (only 40mm dia) is a far easier proposition to run than standard size soil pipe that measures in excess of 100mm (4"). By utilising a strap-on boss the end of the small bore run can terminate to a convenient position on any existing soil pipe.

Add an ensuite to your property with relative ease using the Grundfos Sololift + WC-3


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The Sololift+ WC-3 is a stylish macerator which will fit discreetly into old or new bathrooms

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Potential Inlets   WC+3 (WC, Sink, Shower and Bidet)
Power Consumption   400 W
Frequency   50 Hz
Voltage   1 x 220 - 240
Weight   5.5 kg
Max. liquid tempertaure   40

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