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Kubex one-peice shower

Kubex leak free shower pod cubicles

Easy to install - a leak proof one piece shower pod that requires no tiling


A decision has been taken to stop dealing with Kubex products. Why?


Choose from four models of all-in-one shower cubicle in the Kubex range

Kubex Kingston Compact one piece shower cubicle with pivot door

Kubex Compact

705mm x 700mm

Curtain entry
Pivot door
Kubex Kingston pivot door self contained shower cubicle

Kubex Kingston

705mm x 785mm

Curtain entry

Pivot Door

Bi-fold door

Corner Entry

Kubex Profile 900 shower pod with bi fold door

Kubex Profile 900

970mm x 970mm

Pivot Door
Bi Fold Door
Kubex Eclipse 800 x 800 alcove self contained shower pod

Kubex Eclipse

800mm x 800mm

Alcove model
Pivot door
Bi Fold Door
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KUBEX self contained leak-free shower cubicles


Available from a range of four models:

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Kubex Kingston Compact -

As the name suggests, a compact one piece shower cubicle suitable for the smallest of spaces measuring 700mm wide by 705mm deep. Delivered ready assembled.

Kubex Kingston -

A mid size one piece shower enclosure. Delivered ready assembled this leak free design takes minimal time to install. Measures 785mm wide by 705mm deep.

Kubex Profile 900 -

The largest of the Kubex range. Delivered for assembly on site, this roomy leak free shower pod has a footprint of 970mm square. Internally the 940mm square shower areaoffers ample room.

Kubex Eclipse -

This leak free model is designed specifically for an 800mm wide alcove installation. Smooth flowing lines ensure effortless cleaning. GRP construction for a strong durable shell that will provide many years of trouble free showering. Simple to assemble, the Eclipse can be installed in a matter of hours. The Eclipse can be installed directly on a suspended timber floor (waste below floor) or on a solid floor (waste above floor level) by using the riser kit that is included. The Kubex Eclipse will accommodate any mixer valve or electric shower of your choice (not included). (Click here for diagram)


Kubex cubicles are 2000mm tall.

Curtain model is supplied with rail but no curtain.

Kubex shower pod information


One piece shower cubicles

Kubex Compact and Kingston are one of the only shower cubicles that are genuinely 'one piece' in the sense that they are delivered fully assembled and factory sealed. The advantages are clear. With no construction time the ready made 'shower pod' takes less time to install. Furthermore, you don't have to worry about leaks because each cubicle is assembled and jointed to the satisfaction of the factory.

Exceptions to this are the Profile 900 range and the Eclipse alcove model. The sectional nature of these two model in no way compromises their watertight integrity, it simply allows sections to pass through tighter access routes that their fully assembled size might prohibit.

Leak free corner showers

The Kingston and Profile 900 cubicles are also available as corner models. The 'Kingston Corner' measurements being slightly different to its forward facing counterparts at 700mm x 770mm.

Pivot door, bi-fold door and curtain model shower cubicles

The Kubex Kingston range can be bought with a choice of Curtain entry, Pivot Door, Bi-fold door or Corner Entry.

The Compact can be fitted with Curtain or Pivot door access (no bi fold or corner option).

In the Profile 900 range you can choose from Curtain, Pivot Door or Bi Fold Door. There is no longer a corner option in this model.

Extras and additions

Kubex shower cubicles are supplied 'empty'. This is to say there is no shower equipment included (equipment shown is for illustrative purpose only). Shower cubicles will accept most types of shower equipment according to your requirements. Kubex shower cubicles are supplied with a removable roof panel (except the Eclipse which has a roof panel as an optional extra). An optional corner seat is available on the Kingston model only and must be ordered at time of purchase as it cannot be retro-fitted. Please be aware, the optional seat is fairly compact and should not be confused with a full sized shower seat.

Reduced installation time saves money

Whether you plan to buy a Kubex and intend to install yourself, or wish to purchase and have a handyman install for you, there's no doubt Kubex will save you money. After all, time is money. With no tiling required and minimal plumbing necessary the job really couldn't be much simpler. Once the shower equipment of your choice is fitted in the cubicle (shower equipment is not included in the price of Kubex shower cubicles) it really is a simple case of securing the cubicle into place, connecting supplies and waste and the job is finished.

Shower tray access height

If you are intending to install a Kubex shower cubicle for somebody who has difficulty stepping up into the unit you should be aware of the different features within the Kubex range.

The Compact and Kingston shower cubicles are supplied with legs upon which the cubicle sits. The legs (also known as compensators) adjust to take up any discrepancies in floor level and allow an 'above ground waste' to be run under the tray. Once correctly adjusted all is hidden from view by a plinth panel (supplied).

Possible solutions to lower the step-in height

If stepping up into the tray is a problem you might consider positioning an intermediate step outside the cubicle to reduce the transitional height.

Alternatively, you might consider installing the cubicle flat on the floor (i.e. without the legs and plinth) hence reducing the step in height dramatically. Should you opt for the latter you should bear in mind that the waste trap and pipework will need to run under (or within) the floor upon which the cubicle sits. Be aware though, adjustment in the support legs provides the ability to compensate for a floor that is out of true (uneven or sloping), so choosing not to use them means you will need to ensure the surface upon which the cubicle will sit is flat and level.

Profile 900 cubicle sits flat on the floor

The Profile 900 shower cubicle is designed to sit flat on the floor. This presents a minimal step upon entry or exit. For this reason the waste must be run below floor. Conversely, should you need to raise the Profile 900 to accommodate an above floor waste pipe this can be done by fabricating studwork for the cubicle tray to sit on.