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Mira BEAM divider panel

Mira BEAM shower divider panel

Mira walk through shower


For a totally modern minimalist take on showering take a look at the MIRA BEAM divider panels. These frameless glass panels separate the shower area from the rest of the room in an unobtrusive fashion.


Mira BEAM Shower using room divider panel:

Mira BEAM 900 divider panel

Above: Shower area utilising 900mm divider panel

Below: Shower area utilising 1200mm divider panel

Mira Beam divider panel allows an unobtrusive frameless structure with unique modern styling
  • 29mm of adjustment on each wall profile for out of true walls
  • 8mm toughened safety glass - coated for easy cleaning
  • Square section bracing bar - adjustable during installation
  • Height from top of tray: 1950mm

Mira BEAM 1200 divider panel

Product Size Price inc VAT
Mira BEAM divider panel 800mm 314.50
Mira BEAM divider panel 900mm 265.68
Mira BEAM divider panel 1000mm 280.05
Mira BEAM divider panel 1200mm 323.12

Glass shower room dividing panel


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