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 Novellini Kuadra HL fixed glass shower screens and spray deflector panels

 Novellini KUADRA HL fixed shower deflector screen for walk in shower enclosure

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Novellini Kuadra HL glass shower screen and spray deflector

The Kuadra HL is another important component in this customisable walk in shower collection. Referred to as 'deflector panels' the glass screens are available in a comprehensive range of sizes and can be used as enclosure screens or return panels to retain or 'deflect' overspray.

The Kuadra HL panel is designed to be supported from other fixed panels from the same range.

Manufactured in 8mm thick toughened safety glass (coated with Crystal Clear treatment to help negate the formation of limescale and bacteria) and to a height of 2 metres.

2 x Kuadra H wall fixed screens toether with a Kuadra HL as a fixed panel and a Kuadra HL as a fixed spray defelctor configured to create an attractive walk in shower enclosure

Diagram showing Kuadra H with a Kuadra HL fixed deflector

Diagram howing Kuadra H together with a Kuadra HL fixed panel as a walk in shower enclosure

Diagram showing a Kuadra H wall fixed shower panel supporting a Kuadra HL fixed shower screen and a Kuadra HL fixed deflector panel


The Kuadra HL is an add-on fixed glass panel. According to the size you select the panel can be used to serve a number of purposes. Wider panels might be used as fixed screens, whereas the narrower panels might be used as fixed return panels to contain and deflect overspray.

Illustrated: Top right, the HL as a fixed return on a Kuadra H screen. Middle right, a larger HL attached to a Kuadra H as a fixed screen. Bottom right, a diagram showing a Kuadra H + HL + HL.


NOVELLINI Kuadra HL walk in shower

fixed defector screen price list

Screen size (mm)          

Kuadra HL fixed deflector

Nominal F Brace incl       inc VAT Notes:
150 N       126.48 Glass type
300 N       139.74 Clear
400 N       155.04  
            To be supported

Kuadra HL fixed panel

        from fixed panels

Nominal D

Brace incl          
680 Y       249.84  
780 Y       260.64 For use with
880 Y       271.44 other
980 Y       282.96 Kuadra H
1180 Y       304.56 panels
1380 Y       326.16 only
1580 Y       347.76  


As the Kuadra HL fixed panel is large enough to require support (the deflector panel does not) a bracing bar is included with your purchase.



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Kuadra shower enclosure frame and glass options

Customise your enclosure with the following frame colours and glass types.

Frame colour




Chrome frame option


Glass Type




Clear glass sample



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