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 Novellini OPERA shower enclosure range

 Beautiful Novellini OPERA shower enclosures

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Beauty through simplicity - the Novellini OPERA shower enclosures

Novellini's OPERA range of shower doors and panels offer an understated beauty with clean lines and fewer profiles for an elegance only Italian styling can offer.

An impressive 2000mm tall and boasting 8mm thick glass, the OPERA range is available with a choice of profile colours including Matt White, Silver, Chrome and Matt Black.

Novellini OPERA 2P

Framed Sliding Shower Door

with one fixed panel and one sliding panel

Novellini OPERA 2P sliding door shown here with 'F' fixed end panel.


Novellini OPERA 2PH + FH

Minimalist semi-frameless sliding door corner shower enclosure

Novellini OPERA 2PH semi-frameless sliding door shower enclosure. Shower here with the semi-frameless FH fixed end panel to create a truly minimalist corenr shower enclosure with sliding door.

Novellini OPERA 2PH

Minimalist Sliding shower door for alcove (1 fixed panel + 1 sliding panel)

Novellini OPERA 2PH. Sliding shower door for alcove installation.

Novellini OPERA 'A'

Corner entry shower with two sliding doors + 2 fixed panels

Novellini OPERA A corner shower enclosure with two sliding doors and two fixed quarter panels

Novellini OPERA '2A'

Sliding door shower enclosure to suit extra large alcove and corner installations

(Comprises two sliding doors and two fixed inline panels)

Novellini OPERA '2a' for extra large alcove or corner shower areas.

The Novellini OPERA shower enclosures are available in a wide range of sizes. They may not however be customised in the same way other enclosures from the Novellini portfolio can be. If your require a bespoke enclosure please don't hesitate to give us a call.

Bespoke shower enclosures

(Contact us with your requirement)

Custom built and bespoke manufacture of shower doors and shower enclosures

Bespoke manufacture of the YOUNG 2 for corner and alcove installations

Bespoke shower enclosures

(Contact us with your requirement)

Bespoke shower enclosure with pivot door and reduce height side panel for dwarf wall.

Bespoke manufacture of the YOUNG 2 for corner and alcove installations




Customise your Novellini YOUNG enclosure with the following frame colours and glass types.

Frame colour

Matt White


Matt Black




Sliver frame option

Black frame option

Chrome frame option

Glass Type


Revanna Print




Clear glass sample