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Salamander Pearl power shower pumps

Positive Head Power Shower Pumps /  Twin & Single Ended



The New Pearl range of Salamander Shower Pumps are regenerative and offer Twin or Single end. All Pearl range pumps are designed for positive head applications.



Tough, easy to fit general purpose twin booster pumps. Designed purely to boost the hot and cold supplies to thermostatic or manual shower mixer valves.

Twin Ended Pearl Pumps
  NP50 Twin NP75 Twin
Applications: A pump for conventional showers or traditional rose-style shower heads A tough, robust pump for multi-function shower heads with massage and champagne functions.
Bar Pressure: 1.5 Bar 2.1 Bar
Rating: Continuous 30 Minutes on/off
Price: 149.18 inc VAT 177.74 inc VAT





Before you decide check out our useful guide to shower booster pumps



A new innovative range of single outlet pumps

Single Ended Pearl Pumps
  NP55 Single NP85 Single

To boost hot, cold or mixed water supplies to a variety of outlets from a tank fed supply.

Bar Pressure: 1.6 Bar 2.5 Bar
Rating: Continuous Continuous
Price: 139.66 inc VAT 158.70 inc VAT








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