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TRITON electric showers




Product Features
Thermostatic* control ensures temperature does not increase by more than +1 degree C of the setting

Power rating 8.5kW (nominal)
Push Start/Stop button with phased shutdown
Power 'on' indicator
Temperature control with numbered dial
Push button flow selector for: cold, low, medium and high
Concealed pipe connections
Specially fitted with extension lever, extended riser rail and  hose for special needs installations
Supplied with optional red indicator label to help the partially sighted locate the Start/Stop button
3 mode sprayhead
Soap dish
Available in White/Chrome effect
2 year guarantee


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Millennium Care Thermo' Side view Front view Riser Rail


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Internal 1 Internal 2


*Temperature stabiliser
The unit will maintain the user's selected temperature when pressure changes occur (within the pressure range stated in the 'Site Requirements - Water' Section) and where there are fluctuations in voltage (within the UK supply tolerance) and inlet water temperature.


Site Requirements - Water
Installation must be in accordance with Water regulations/bye laws. To ensure activation of the heating elements, the shower must be connected to a cold rising main with a minimum running water pressure of 1.0 bar (14.5psi) at a flow rate of 8 litres/minute and a maximum static pressure of 10 bar (145psi), as measured at the inlet of the shower. The unit must NOT be installed where it will be subject to freezing conditions.

Instantaneous showers can have the water supply taken from a cold water storage cistern provided the minimum pressure and flow rate requirements stated above are met. It must be an independent supply to shower only.

If it is intended to operate the shower in a hard water area or at pressures outside those stated please contact Triton Customer Services on the number below.

An isolation valve must be fitted to allow independent isolation of the water supply for service and maintenance.

To comply with water regulations the sprayhead, when hanging loose on the flexible hose, should not fall below the top of the bath or shower tray. If it does, then a double check valve, or similar device, must be fitted to prevent back-flow. If in doubt, contact Triton Customer Services who will advise and supply a suitable device if required.

Further advice and specifications are available by calling TRITON Customer Services 024 7637 2222