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Triton Safeguard Pumped Electric Care Shower

Triton Safeguard pumped electric thermostatic care shower


This is a 'pumped electric shower' not a 'power shower'.

You should not confuse this type of shower with a 'power shower'.

The purpose of the pump contained within is to give you a shower with a reasonable delivery of electrically heated hot water in situations where it would ordinarily be impossible to have an electric shower.

A pumped electric shower must be fed from a low pressure gravity supply (header tank).

Never connect a pumped electric shower directly to a mains pressure water supply - no matter how poor.

If you would like further advice please don't hesitate to call us.


Low water pressure solution

A pumped electric shower is designed to take a low pressure 'gravity' cold water feed, boost the pressure using an internal pump, then heat the output electrically. This type of electric shower (the pumped electric) is particularly useful if the mains cold water pressure is either poor or unreliable. These showers may ONLY be fed from a stored (gravity) source. They are NOT SUITABLE for connection to a mains water supply under any circumstances.


Thermostatic temperature control

constantly regulated temperature provides safer showering for all the family.  Endorsed by Beab Care for extra assurance


Developed with Occupational Therapists and endorsed by RNIB

for inclusive design to ensure the shower is simple and easy to use


Adjustable timed shutdown

set the shower to automatically shutdown after a pre-selected time


Installation set maximum temperature stop

reduces the risk of accidentally turning the temperature too high


Provision for connecting to a level access waste pump

making installation even easier and working as part of a total care solution


Phased Shutdown

when the shower is turned off, the water continues to run for a few seconds to flush out preheated water before stopping completely


Large start/stop button

for easy selection of your favourite shower setting every time


Low pressure indicator

operates when the water pressure is insufficient


Extended riser rail kit

and hose with an additional bracket for ease of use


Ergonomic Rub Clean Showerhead

5 spray patterns

Raised tactile features, large graphics and textured anti glare surfaces


Audible alert

when the shower is started and stopped

Power rating - 8.5kW




Power rating - 8.5kW




Price ex VAT

Price inc VAT

Triton Safeguard Pumped electric shower 259.53 311.44





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