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Triton T80Z thermostatically controlled electric shower

Triton T80z thermostatic electric shower

Triton T80Z Thermostatic Electric Shower


The T80Z Thermostatic is perfect for families who are looking for extra reassurance.  Its thermostatic control ensures that the temperature is consistent, even if water pressure changes when a tap is turned on.  It's also ideal for elderly or infirm users who may require greater levels of temperature control when showering.



Triton T80Z thermostatic electric shower

The T80Z is available in Chrome (pictured) or White/Chrome


Thermostatic control - constantly regulated temperature gives the user more precise control and safer showering

Push button Start/Stop - to select your favourite shower setting every time

Contrasting black trim adds the perfect final touch to the easy to turn chrome controls

'Low pressure' indicator - operates when the water pressure is insufficient

'Power on' indicator

Neat overlapping front cover - eliminates unsightly cover join lines found on other electric showers

Rub clean showerhead - 5 spray pattern

Available in 9.5kW and 10.5kW power rating


Triton T80Z Electric Shower prices

Finish kW   Price inc VAT
Chrome 9.5   189.60
  10.5   195.82
White & Chrome 8.5   153.99
  9.5   159.33

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Triton T80Z thermostatic electric shower