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Coram shower pods

25 year manufacturer warranty

Coram Shower Pods

Luxury self contained leak free shower enclosures


An all-in-one shower cubicle guaranteed for 25 years

Leaking shower cubicles have been the bane of most householders lives for years. It's not always down to shoddy installation or poor workmanship that you end up with a damp patch or worse. The best job will eventually spring a leak somewhere - it's one of life's inevitabilities.

A Coram self-contained shower cabin is guaranteed leak free

Understanding why showers leak places you in a fairly good position to defend yourself against predictable reoccurrence. No matter how careful you are to use the correct products and apply them in the correct manner, adhesives and grouts over time become porous. If you consider the bigger picture this should come as no surprise. 

Installing a shower is paramount to sticking numerous individual components to a structure (your home) that is a living breathing thing in the hope that they will work faultlessly together. Buildings move. They shift their shape over time, shrinking and swelling with cold and warmth. Furthermore, components made from different materials will swell and contract at different rates. It must hardly come as a surprise when small cracks occur (often microscopic and difficult to see with the naked eye) that allow water to permeate into the building.

Despite huge leaps forward in materials technology the problem remains when you attempt to stick different materials to a living building - things will leak in time.

CORAM Leak free shower pods

It is for these very reasons that shower pods (also known as one-piece and self contained shower cubicles) have become so popular. The beauty of a shower pod is the fact that places to leak have been designed out. This is achieved by minimising joints and making sure wherever they are necessary water cannot get out. Installing a shower pod is the first step towards enjoying trouble-free ownership that will last for years.


Exciting NEW additions

A new LOWLINE model giving an overall Pod height of 2040mm*

Non-standard options such as door changes (e.g. pivot instead of bi-fold) and privacy/obscure glass

'Walk in' option on the 1200 Alcove model

Options of colours and granite effects on any of the shower pod models.

Leak free shower pod

Shower pods available in any colour

Marble look finish shower pod Granite finish leak free shower pod

Coram pods are now available in colours.

Whether you fancy a granite finish, wish to coordinate your pod with an existing coloured suite, or simply want to make a statement - For a small additional cost you can mastermind your shower creation in any colour.

Colours are for illustrative purpose  


Coram shower pod range

Coram 800 corner shower pod Coram 850 quadrant shower pod Coram 950 quadrant shower pod

800 Corner Shower Pod

850 Quadrant Shower Pod

950 Quadrant Shower Pod

Coram 800 alcove shower pod Coram 900 alcove shower pod Coram 1200 alcove shower pod

800 Alcove Shower Pod

900 Alcove Shower Pod

1200 Alcove Shower Pod

Walk in alcove shower pod


in a class of their own

The best just keeps getting better!

Now available in colours!

1200 Alcove walk-in pod    

Not all shower pods and shower cabins are the same

Stay on your guard against the cheap-and-cheerful though. The world is being flooded by imports from the far east. Some of these boast built-in multi-media centres. DON'T BE SUCKED IN. Who do you think will run to your assistance when the TV stops working? Take a mirror into the shower next time you use one to see how long it takes to steam up - rendering it useless! These gimmicks are worthless and a great way to divert your attention away from the most important issue - that of QUALITY. A shower full of broken gadgets will soon look tacky - not something you'll want to show your friends. The material from which many of these poor quality showers are made is light weight and not UV stabilised, so expect cracks and leaks before long. Trust only in a product made in the UK if you want your guarantee to mean something.


Coram is one of the most respected names in the UK shower and plumbing industry

Coram have turned their meticulous attention to the issue of leak-free showering, producing a range of pods complete with door and a choice of high performance thermostatic shower. These premium quality shower pods offer a 25 year guarantee. On top of all this, the shower pods are stylish and modern, with no need for sealant or tile grout which also makes them virtually maintenance-free. Designed and built in Britain, Coram shower pods are the ideal choice for British site requirements with the added bonus of a low installation time.


Coram shower cabins include shower equipment




Simply choose the shower equipment you would like...

Included as standard with all pods is a high performance thermostatic bar shower mixer with hose, riser rail and handset. (See left)

In all cases, flexible hot and cold water supply pipes attach to the valve behind the panel then run down to floor level where they can be accessed from underneath the shower base for connection and easy maintenance.

or choose one of the following options - you have the choice of either:

1) a thermostatic bar shower mixer with rigid riser, 'rain head', hose and handset (see right), or

2) a sequential recessed thermostatic shower mixer valve which is supplied with variable height riser rail, hose and handset (see left), or

3) Choose to have your pod supplied without shower equipment giving you the option of fitting something different.






Coram shower pods

Due to a policy of continual improvement the manufacturer reserves the right to change product specification without notice



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