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Mira Flight shower tray - Acrylic capped stone resinMira shower trays

Mira Flight Shower Trays

Mira Acrylic capped stone resin shower trays


Mira Shower Trays

Mira Shower Trays represent superb quality and value. Constructed from stone resin and acrylic capped to offer a warmer, damage resistant surface, Mira shower trays come in many configurations - flat-top, with various upstands for tiling and Riser Leg kits to raise the tray. The Mira Flight is a quality foundation upon which to create a showering enclosure. Mira Flight shower enclosures are now available to complement the trays and give you a beautiful showering area.

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Mira square shower tray

Mira rectangle shower tray

Mira quadrant shower tray


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Mira Pentangle shower tray

Mira Riser Leg Kits


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Easy To Fit

Frequently asked questions

What is a Flat-Top tray?

What is an Upstand?

Why would I need a Riser Kit?


Mira shower trays

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