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Whale Smoothflow digital shower waste pump

Impey Whale Smoothflow shower waste pump kit

Variable speed digital electric drainage pump for showers

This pump is virtually silent when in use, because the speed is regulated depending on the flow rate of water from the shower. This reduces noise output considerably, whilst also reducing wear on the pump.

For an electric shower: the pump is activated by a flow sensor positioned in the cold water supply pipe.

For a mixer shower: a flow sensor is required for both hot and cold water supply pipes - an additional sensor must therefore be added to the kit shown in the image below.

Whale Smoothflow shower waste water pump kit
  • Automatically adjusts to changes in shower flow rate

  • Compensates for changes in voltage from main electric supply

  • Maximum drainage 12l/min (a flow typical of many electric showers)

  • Additional flow sensor is required for mixer showers (one required in each of the supply pipes) but please observe max flow rate of 12 l/m.

  • Self priming pump with protective cover

  • Low voltage transformer conforms to EN60742

  • IP45 Rated

  • 3 year guarantee with optional 2 year extended warranty

  • Code:SWP/SFC

For electric shower: 627.90 inc VAT

For mixer shower: 752.51 inc VAT

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Whale Smoothflow shower waste pump



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